Best Multivitamins for Diabetes: Our Top 8 List

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Diabetes is one of the most chronic diseases and causes many deaths in developed and under-developing countries.

Diabetic patients have to take medicines to control their blood sugar levels and avoid most sugary foods. A major key to successfully living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes is addressing the health of your entire body.

This is where multivitamins and blood sugar supplements come in. There are vitamins on the market specially formulated for diabetic patients based on their body needs and physique.

All that being said, as a diabetic, you can’t rush for multivitamins without considering the composition and quantity of vitamins and minerals used in manufacturing.

With the help of qualified nutritionists and surveys, we bring to you the best multivitamins for diabetes.

..... But first our top three choices:






1. Completia


9.8 out of 10

alpha betic

2. Alpha Betic


9.7 out of 10


3. Multi-Betic


9.5 out of 10

Our Top Choices

Our picks are dependent on the formulation, dosage, side effects, effects on the body, and nutritional profile.




Based on the formulation, feedback of consumers, and advice from nutritionists, Completia is the best all-around choice for diabetic patients. It is formulated by the addition of high potency B-vitamins and antioxidants, which helps in metabolism and improves the body’s functioning.

Cost: The cost of a bottle of 60 tablets of Completia is $21.99, and for 90 pills, it is $29.99.

Dosage: If you are a diabetic, it is recommended that you take Completia twice a day. However, if you are pregnant or attempting to be pregnant, it is advised to consult your doctors or healthcare professionals.


  • There are no added sugars.
  • It contains magnesium and copper to support your bones.
  • It contains Fenugreek to help slow down the absorption of sugars in the blood.


Alpha Betic

alpha betic

Alpha Betic is another multivitamin designed to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and make you strong and active. It contains  beneficial vitamins and minerals that maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Moreover, the formula helps in fulfilling the nutritional needs of diabetics.

Cost: A bottle containing 30 tablets of Alpha Betic costs $10.09.

Dosage: Depending on its formulation, it is advised to take these pills only once in a day. The best time for consumption is in the morning.


  • It maintains the energy of your body and helps in an active lifestyle.
  • Includes a range of vitamins and minerals that support overall health
  • It contains copper, potassium, and vitamin E to deliver cellular protection.




Multi-betic is specially formulated for active people with diabetes. It contains key elements that help athletes in maintaining their blood sugar levels and better muscle functioning. Moreover, it has all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the right amounts to support your body.

Cost: A bottle of 60 tablets of Multi-betic costs $12.42.

Dosage: Adults can take two pills per day of Multi-betic after breakfast.


  • Enriched in magnesium to fulfill the 50% of your daily needs.
  • Helps in improving your body function such as vision and nerve functioning.
  • It helps increase the overall functionality of the body with the help of a wide range of vitamins and minerals.




BetiVite is formulated for dietary improvements of diabetic patients. It contains all vitamins and minerals to help the functionality of your body. The availability of all nutrients helps in maintaining the energy levels of your body, as well.

Cost: The cost of a single bottle of BetiVite containing 60 pills is $17.99.

Dosage: To form a protected shield around your body, it is advised to take twice a day. The best possible times for intake are breakfast and dinner.


  • It contains Vitamin C and chromium, which helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
  • It supports body function and fulfills the dietary requirements of your body.
  • Added vitamins and minerals boosts overall health.


Nature Made Daily Pack

nature made daily pack

Nature Made Daily Pack is another excellent option of multivitamin supplements formulated for prediabetic and diabetic patients. It helps maintain blood sugar levels and provides all necessary vitamins and minerals in the right amount. The dominant components of Nature Made Daily Pack are fish oil, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, magnesium, alpha Lipoic acid, and chromium.

Cost: $20.17 for 60 dosages.

Dosage: It is advised to take one packet per day with water or meal. The suitable time for consumption is morning.


  • It is scientifically formulated to provide vitamins and minerals in the right amounts.
  • Includes fish oil to improve your heart health and Vitamin D3 to strengthen your bones.
  • It contains Vitamin C to improve your immune system.


GNC Mega Men

gnc mega men

GNC is specially designed for men dealing with diabetics. It is formulated based on the physique, and nutritional needs of a male to live a healthy life. It contains 20 different vitamins and minerals to help you meet your daily dietary needs.

Cost:  A single bottle of GNC Mega Men supplements containing 180 Caplets is $29.19.

Dosage: As a part of your daily multivitamin supplement, it is recommended to take two supplements per day.


  • It contains all the necessary nutrients that play a crucial role in improving your immune system and heart functioning.
  • The presence of varying nutrients fulfills the nutritional needs of the body.
  • It helps and supports the colon and prostate health of males.


GNC Ultra Women

gnc women supplement

If you’re looking for a multivitamin supplement that is specially formulated for women, then GNC Ultra Women is the right pick for you. This supplement is specially designed for females depending on their physique and body’s needs.

Owing to the complex hormonal system, a female body’s reactions are quite more complicated than a male. Moreover, females typically need a higher amount of energy as compared to males.

Based on these concepts and studies, GNC formulated this supplement that contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals. This helps in fulfilling the nutritional needs of the body and improves its functionality.

Cost:  A packet containing 90 caplets is $24.99.

Dosage: As per the guidelines of the manufacturer, you can take two pills per day with food. It fulfills the needs of essential vitamins of your body and enhances its functionality.


  • It contains ample vitamins and minerals to support the bone health of women.
  • Antioxidants help in the defense against stress and improve cellular functioning.
  • It contains all the essential B vitamins to support your overall health and keep you active and energetic.


Nature's Bounty Diabetic Health Pack

nature's bounty

Nature’s Bounty Diabetic Health Pack is another excellent choice that contains a wide range of multivitamins and minerals. The packs are specially formulated for the complete nutritional support of the body.

Supplement contains many essential and non-essential vitamins and minerals, including selenium, folic acid, cobalt, vitamin C, and cinnamon. Moreover, it is free from sugars and sugary components.

Cost: One box containing 30 packets is $18.10.

Dosage: It is advised to take one packet per day to support your body’s functionality and nutritional needs.


  • It contains vital vitamins and minerals to support the nutritional profile of diabetic patients.

  • It helps in maintaining the overall health and functionality of the body.

  • It improves heart health and maintains the blood sugar levels to acceptable limits

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of these vitamins contain alpha lipoic acid. What is its role in maintaining blood sugar levels?
According to recent research and studies, it is concluded that alpha lipoic acid increases insulin sensitivity in the body, which helps in maintaining blood glucose levels to a healthy limit. It may also help with diabetic foot care.

Why is important to be careful with Vitamin B3?
Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, it reduces the cholesterol levels of the blood and ensures good heart health. However, it may also increase blood sugar levels.

Why is Vitamin C considered to be helpful for diabetic patients?
The primary role of vitamin C in the human body is to lower harmful cholesterol levels and fight against the free radicals formed by fat oxidation. Additionally, it also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and keeps them under control.

Is it okay to take supplements containing a trace amount of sugars?
As a diabetic patient, your most significant enemy is sugar. You should be aware of the supplements that contain sugars and avoid them as much as possible. That’s why, after detailed research, we shared multivitamins that are free from sugars.

Bottom Line

Taking a daily multivitamin specifically for diabetic needs is a great way to get nutrients that boost overall health while helping keep blood sugar in normal levels. We suggest trying a few out to determine what combination of vitamins and minerals work best for your body and needs.

You may also consider herbs,  teas, and other supplements geared to diabetics.

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