Glucose MD Review – Our Honest Take on the Diabetes Supplement

Are you concerned about how to balance your glucose levels? Do you suffer from an irregular sugar level or blood sugar swings?

You might not have to worry so much. We have reviewed the Glucose MD supplement to help you understand how it can balance your low sugar levels.

It’s vital to maintain a balanced blood sugar level, a healthy immune system, a functioning metabolism and cardiovascular system. This, therefore, makes Glucose MD a veritable option when it comes to boosting glucose level for diabetics and those with pre-diabetes.

Glucose is an essential component of human life. Its role in our insulin, the essence for strength and energy, keeps it as not just a great source of energy but a tool for brain and muscle functioning.

Not sure about Glucose MD and what it can do for you? Read our brutally honest review below and decide for yourself.

Glucose MD Quick Thoughts


  • Its ingredients support the cardiovascular system, boost the immune system and aid metabolic response.
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping


  • Online purchase only
  • Its Berberine bark extract might cause a slight upset stomach during the first few weeks of use.

What is it?

Glucose MD is an internationally recommended blood sugar supplement for diabetes. 

This 60 capsule pack is manufactured as a blend of seven health essential ingredients supporting heart rate and functioning to support healthy living. The combination includes Chromium Picolinate, Lion mane mushrooms, Been leaf, Berberine bark extract, Cassia Cinnamon, and Gymnema Sylvestre, Cinsulin. 

The normal blood sugar level for a human being should not be below 120mg/dl - 140mg/dl. 

Readings between 140mg/dl - 199mg/dl is an indicator of prediabetes while readings above 200mg/dl after two hours is a significant indicator of diabetes.

Glucose MD’s vegan's formula contains Cinsulin, which is an amazing medical solution that aids insulin in regulating your body's glucose metabolism, thereby ensuring normal blood sugar levels. 

Medical Reports have shown that patients placed on Cinsulin medication of at least 500mg every day have great advancement in their glycemic index.

Glucose MD provides targeted blood sugar support with no visible effects from two weeks of usage to three months. However, individual experiences may vary as the human body is wired differently.

It is diagnosed with a sugar-free and gluten-free formula offering its medical benefits at zero sugar level.

Glucose MD is an amazing supplement in reducing blood sugar, helping body metabolism, glucose absorption, and assisting the pancreas.

Who should use it?

Glucose MD is designed for individuals who need to stabilize their sugar and glycemic index. 

Most diabetic patients usually experience health troubles that negatively affect their lives. But with Glucose MD relief is possible.

It is a proven supplement for diabetic patients with specifications through all ages. It ensures a great decrease in fasting sugars and a reduction in blood sugar levels. Although Glucose MD can be purchased without a prescription, it is safer for you to consult your doctor before using it.

Programs that can make a difference naturally

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Benefits of Glucose MD

Glucose MD is a option for diabetic patients and individuals with needs to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. It is among several blood sugar supplements on the market.

Some of the benefits of Glucose MD include:

Stabilizes sugar level: The inclusion of Berberine Bark extract to its formula works efficiently in normalizing sugar levels and strength to the blood and muscles.

Supports the function of the pancreas: Glucose MD is structured with Chromium Picolinate which supports the insulin, enhancing pancreas activity, and supporting pancreatic cells for optimal absorption of glucose.

Boost in cardiovascular wellbeing: Gymnema Sylvestra as part of the ingredients in Glucose MD formula supports the healthy state of your heart by normalizing your cholesterol levels. The Berberine Bark solution which is a bioactive extract aids in cardiovascular activity.

Enhances glucose metabolism: Glucose MD enhances your insulin and pancreas by breaking down glucose in your gut and ensuring that there is a total breakdown of glucose in its utilization.

Supplement Ingredients

Glucose MD is a formula designed with different natural herbs of great medical importance. They include:

  • Cinsulin "Cassia Cinnamon": Promotes Sugar metabolism and enhances Glucose stabilization.
  • Berberine Bark: Serves as a bioactive agent for metabolism and cardiovascular activity.
  • Chromium: Element that helps in body absorption of glucose. 
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom: Works efficiently on brain function and guy activity.
  • Neem Leaf: Its extract from native trees works perfectly ok blood sugar level stabilization.
  • Capsicum: Organic extract of Cayenne pepper or nightshade pepper which handles multi-purpose function on the heart and digestive system as well as metabolic activity.
  • Gymnema: These wood shrub extract works on improving cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Side effects and cons

It is generally believed that Glucose MD has no adverse side effects on human life as it is natural and carefully designed to international medical standards.

Nevertheless, the organic inclusion of Berberine bark's extract has shown slight effects of stomach upset during the inception of its consumption, though this varies from person to person. The upset stomach is usually mild and not frequent.

However, you should contact a doctor for recommendations on using Glucose MD. It shouldn't be used as self-medication.

Glucose MD cost

Its pricing comes in two options: a one-time purchase and the subscribe purchase.

Although both prices are great, one has an advantage over the other. With the subscribe purchase you have access to free deliveries, shipping, and discounts.

One time purchasing pricing is as follows:

  • 1 Bottle: $54.99
  • 3 Bottle: $149.97
  • 6 Bottle: $275.94

For subscribe purchases it is:

  • 1 Bottle every month: $45.99
  • 3 Bottle every month: 122.97
  • 6 Bottle every month: $221.94

With a subscription, Glucose MD comes with an amazing price option that allows its buyers discount options of 16% - 30%. You also have access to automatic delivery and free shipping.

Refund Policy/Warranty

Aside from Glucose MD's amazing benefits and discounts, the USA-made product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You will be given your money back if you are not satisfied with the value attached to the product.

The moment you realize that the product is not worth the purchase you made, contact customer service. Sending back the product without contacting them puts you at risk of not receiving a 100% refund.

Bottom line

Diabetes and irregular sugar levels have been an emerging health issue among adults. This includes glycemic index and cholesterol levels.

Most adults live with this issue as their health deteriorates and their rate of survival decreases.

It may be beneficial to add blood sugar supplement support to your feeding plan to boost the functioning ability of your insulin and pancreas, as well as achieve a healthy life.

In addition to Glucose MD, you may consider such supplements as Diabazole or Melabic.

Manufacturers of Glucose MD promise efficacy to its customers, with a money-back guarantee if the expectations are not met. There’s no risk and plenty of upside in trying the supplement.

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