Diabetic Manual Review: Our Thoroughly Honest Take

“Is Type-II Diabetes untreatable?”

After the physician’s diagnosis shows you have type-II diabetes, this is the primary question that comes to your mind. 

Your heart probably sunk when the physician began to list the number of things you have to start doing to manage the condition, especially when he said, “you will live with it for the rest of your life.” 

It’s understandable why you must feel so, being one of the 1.4 million citizens diagnosed with diabetes yearly and one of the more than 34 million diabetic folks in the United States.

Well, he was wrong! Hey, slow your roll; it’s true.

After all, you are reading this right now because you have been researching the possibilities available out there to treat Type-II diabetes. Perhaps, you are also seeking some unconventional medicine to treat it, or taking blood sugar supplements or multivitamins.

We report good news of a patented program that is able to produce the desired result in some people. Many have attested to it, including individuals we’ve helped with controlling their diabetes.

Lean back and read. You may take you life with back with the Diabetic Manual. It has already dramatically and drastically improved thousands of patients’ lives. 

Diabetic Manual Quick Thoughts


  • Improve the health and overall well-being of your body.
  • The training videos are effective and simple to understand.
  • You can start seeing positive results after 30 days.


  • Has not yet been evaluated by the FDA.
  • Can be expensive without promotions and coupons.

What is Diabetic Manual?

Just a while back, the diagnosis of diabetes meant a prognosis of failing health, but many patients today can lead active and healthy lives with the right nutritional support. 

That is, with diverse food rich in natural nutrients that support blood sugar, a patient need not be troubled.

Diabetic Manual, a patented feeding and nutritional supplement plan by Dr. Eric Huntington is meant to give the necessary support to patients living with diabetes and help them achieve their health goals. The self-help program is similar to other diabetic guides we've reviewed.

The program also includes active steps to remove harmful toxins from your diet and provide you with an effective eating  plan that boosts blood sugar.

Since its formulation, it has been tested and has been proven for its maximum support.

The acclaimed support this program provides is in three phases:

  • First Phase: is a support-providing phase that aims to remove toxins from your diet and body. This typically spans for 30 days.
  • Second Phase: is a natural support system for blood sugar. It commonly spans for four to six months but could go as long as three to 18 months.
  • Third Phase: is the final phase of the program designed for maintenance; here, it provides lifelong support to maintain healthy blood sugar.

What is included in this Manual?

Here’s what you get with the Diabetic Manual:

Diabetic Life Support – Phase 1

As already pointed out, phase 1 is a support system designed to eliminate toxic substances that could damage your body from your diet and remove unhealthy food items from your daily diet. The program does this in two specific ways:

  • Firstly, it removes food items that are likely to cause damage to your body and overall health from your diet.
  • Then, it provides nutritional supplements that will support and enhance the natural detoxification process of your body.

If you purchase a box of the Diabetic Life Support – Phase 1, these are the things you should expect to find in it:

  • Program Guide DVD
  • Diabetic Meal Plan Guide
  • Diabetic Manual Product DVD
  • Supply of Dietary Supplements that will last for one month (90 servings)

The supplement targets your blood sugar level and improves your appetite level for food consumption. 

 So effective it is that doctors throughout the USA now dispense it as well.

The Diabetic Life Support – Phase 1 includes the Diabetic Life Support Phase 1 Eating Plan and the nutrient capsules. This latter is a vitamin series that consists of three products in three phases. 

Each nutrient capsule is designed with specific ingredients for the diabetic patient to support and boost blood sugar naturally.

In detail, the Diabetic Life Support system contains 167 hypoallergenic ingredients, which have been concentrated into capsules that you can take three times daily (in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening). 

Arrangement to ensure continuity was also made for folks who are always on the move; each pouch contains a single serving portable enough to be carried along everywhere you go.

The Eating Plan was specifically designed to select and make it easy for you to prepare healthy foods that are health-friendly and alleviates diabetic conditions. At the same time, it helps to remove bad foods that can tamper with the body’s proper function.

Therefore, religiously using the Diabetic Life Support Phase 1 Eating Plan and Diabetic Life Support Phase 1 nutrient capsules together supports and enhances the rejuvenation of the body’s cells, organs, and systems.

If you find success with Phase 1, moving onto Phase 2 and possibly Phase 3 of the program might be ideal for you.

Diabetic Manul alternatives to consider

Diabetic Manual Pros

What to like about the Diabetic Manual:

  • Thorough cleansing and detoxification, the product provides support and enhances the health and overall well-being of your body
  • The training videos are simple to understand and effective
  • The First Phase of the Dietary Supplements only lasts for 30 to 35 days. That is, you will begin to see the outcome of your investment within a month’s religious usage
  • Even though the Eating Plan is a support system for pre-diabetic and diabetic patients, it simultaneously supports blood sugar and overall health.
  • The video training on healthy food preparation is quite simple.
  • There is a complete result tracking booklet that helps you keep track of your progress

Diabetic Manual Cons

A few questions to ponder about the Diabetic Manual:

  • Despite the popularity of this program, the science behind it remains inconclusive.
  • The product statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • The product is expensive; an investment of over $400 and over $200 in a promo season
Diabetic Manual program

Benefits of Diabetic Manual

The Diabetic Manual offers the following benefits:

  • It eliminates poor nutritional food from your feeding routine, thereby reducing risks of diabetic outcome and condition
  • The nutrient capsules support and enhance overall health of the human body
  • Health is boosted by routine cleansing and detoxification
  • It suggests food that improves the general functionality of the body organs and systems.


The usual retail value is $495 but the manufacturers are currently offering more value for money in an ongoing promo where the price has been slashed. You can purchase the complete program for under $200 with free shipping included. You can also use our 10% off discount to save more money!


Please be aware that these products are not for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease. 

They have only been guaranteed for the purpose, as explained in this article. That is, as far as diabetes is concerned, this product has been tested and proven. 

Also, it is not meant to substitute the expertise of a medical professional or any physician.

The product is available anywhere in the world. It also has a 30-day warranty for a refundable return. In other words, there’s little risk in trying the product and seeing if it works for you.

We also welcome you to see reviews of other products and diabetic resources on our website.

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